When you are abroad, home is far away
Rick Norman March 07, 2010
Our newspapers did today publish that a former Danish model named Carina Schlesinger was found dead in her burnt down home.

She had a long career as model but the public might best remember her for having survived an assault by a rapist who later was convicted to between 125 year to life.

She later ran a school for dogs for over a decade.

Beside her some local guy was found dead at the scene. Local newpapers speak of a kind of relationship.

This tragedy so clearly shows that if you choose to settle down abroad you are far from home where you can enjoy the security of your family and social network. Visiting friends often is almost impossible. Dealing with pressure from the outside becomes double as hard because you are left without the support of your nearest. Without this support people can be pushed over the edge and then a tragedy like this could be the result.

If you choose to live or study abroad see to that you have an exit-plan in place. Do not place yourself in a situation where you only have the option to stay.

If you fail to have such precautions in place, the result could be a disaster.

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