New Danish Legislation to prevent emigration introduced
hh June 20, 2016

The Danish parliament has introduced a new set og legislation aimed to prevent two damaging trends from being widespread.
  • First Denmark too some extend is suffering from Brain-loss. Many well-educated students and employees choose to study abroad or work abroad only to return back to the Danish welfare system once they are finished with their activities abroad.

  • Second many people from other EU-countries enter Denmark where they work being underpaid or on "Refund-contracts" where they are paid an official amount and then have to return a lot of the money under the table to their employee as finders fee for a work-contract. After a while they quit their jobs and are now entitled to unemployment benefits.
Now the new rules dictate that everyone who have been out of the country for a year will be labeled an immigrant. In fact they will receive a lower amount none can live of if they within 8 years of entering Denmark ask for any benefits.

This fantastic example of good legislation can maintain Denmark as a full member of the European Union. Had they not introduced this kind of legislation Danish would have taken good paid jobs in firms outside Denmark without benefitting the very country who financed their education. An education second to none in the world. It was ungrateful. Many Danes are happy that this is now stopped.
Secondly people from the Eastern Part of Europe who enter Denmark to work in industries like collecting garbage on the streets which are the only kind of jobs they are qualified for now have no goal to aim for. All knows that foreigners come to Denmark for our fine education or to work just the number of month which would entitle them to benefits.
Government: EU citizens must earn the right to benefits (The Copenhagen Post) 
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