Beware of callcenters abroad
Rick Norman March 01, 2010
Most firms in the Information technoligy business have to offer call center services for their customers. In order to reduce their costs they have to locate them in areas where the wages are low.

Young Danes has been tricked to travel to either Spain or parts of Sweden so remote and primitive that they could be used as movie sceneries used to portrait Russian gulags. Once they arrive they discover that several facts about the job are not correct.

The important lesson learned is that once you move abroad the Danish minimum wages don't longer apply.

Callcenters are usually placed inside the European Union but the general idea of the concept of harmonizing is so reset the living standard in every member state to the lowest level found in a member country and start on from there. So at many callcenter the level of salery is almost equal to Danish welfare.

However the saleries are almost no-existing outside Europe, so don't take a job in a call center outside Europ

When you are working for a Spanish firm in Spain you have to acknowledge local conditions in the work place. It is better to consult your labor union before signing a contract, which leaves you with so few money that you cannot even afford to travel home without loaning money from your relatives.

It doesn't matter if the callcenter's clients are huge wellknown and well-established international firm. Callcenters handle tasks which are outsourced. Most firms only outsource tasks which they won't apply their good names to and customer-service is such an area. If the customers complain they can move their business to another callcenter, so the owners of the callcenters are under heavily pressure to deliver as cheap a job as possible while maintaining some minimum standards.

Those Danes who have taken these jobs speak of isolation and high living costs causing periods of starvation.

So it is important to consult local labor unions before it is too late.

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