Before you leave Denmark
There are a number of issues you need to address before you leave Denmark in order to get a possible good result

In General
  • Be very careful about checking up on immigration rules in the country to expect to emigrate to. A lot of Danes have been caught up in immigration rules and for some it has resulted in detention for a period.
  • Have an exit plan ready so you can return home very fast if you face problems abroad. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Investigate possible options of communication with the family back home.
  • Check out the recommendations given by our foreign department
  • Check out inssurance
Regarding your possible job
  • If you travel abroad as part of your job, check what kind of consequences, downsizing or quitting the job may have. 
  • Do also check if it has some kind of consequences if you choose to return to Denmark prematurely.
Family and school
  • If you bring your family along, check out the possibility for schooling. As the Danish education system is second to none in this world, time should be spent checking out how your children can catch up with their peers once they return to Denmark.
  • Check out whether the country has mandatory rules regarding uniforms or dress codes. A huge part of the identity of the child is based in the individual look of the child. Removing this could jeopardize the child's development.
  • If your child is a teenager, check out the legal drinking age in the country. If you remove your childs ability to socialize you could hurt your child's future as it would face difficulties when attending Danish High Schools where the Friday bar is the center where young Danes create their future networks - both social and businesslike.